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Vanadinite on Matrix

Size Guide

Weight: 36g

Width: 3 in.

Length: 1 1/2 in.

This stone is for those who have issues accepting their physicality. Vanadinite has a strong connections with the earth chakra- grounding the physical body and helping it be comfortable in the earth environment.

Other properties:

-Aid to meditation by shutting off mind chatter

-It’s energy aligns the chakras and will bring the higher self into your physical body

-Helps fill the gap between thought and intellect

-Assists in defining and pursuing goals

-Helps curb overspending

**Placing one in the wealth corner of the home or in your wallet will help you retain your money

-Useful for breathing difficulties like asthma

-Helps chronic exhaustion and bladder problems

****RAW VANADINITE IS POISONOUS, therefore, elixirs need to be prepared via the indirect method & make sure to wash your hands after!

Information from:

The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall


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