Ruby and Fuchsite Necklace

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Ruby is a stone for energy! This stone will stimulate the heart chakra and encourages you to follow your bliss. Ruby promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland.

A stone that will help you bring abundance and aids in retaining wealth and passion.

Ruby will bring out a positive and courageous state of mind! It will make you stronger during disputes and controversy. A very dynamic stone, it will charge up your passion and fires up your enthusiasm. A social stone that can attract sexual activity.

An awesome stone for you if you need help overcoming exhaustion and lethargy, but also calms hyperactivity


Fuchsite: This stone will help you understand interactions with other people. This is the stone that will help protect you if you are one of those people who constantly falls into rescuer mode for others. 

Fuchsite will assist you in accessing knowledge of great practical value.


Together, these stones provide emotional security and self-reflection during hard times.


Information from: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall


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AVOID getting chain wet

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