Peridot Rings

Size Guide

Make sure to select color/ring size. Rings will be INTUITIVELY CHOSEN.

A protective stone for the aura that will help you release old baggage. It will show you how to detach from outside influences and to look for your higher energies for guidance.

Peridot will:
-Release negative patterns and old vibrations
-Rapidly help you in moving forward
-Help you understand your spiritual purpose
-Alleviate jealously
-Reduce stress
-Enhance confidence and motivates growth
-Show you how to forgive yourself
-Help you admit your mistakes and take responsibility for your own life
-Heal and regenerate tissues
-Strengthen metabolism and benefit your skin
-Help balance bipolar disorder

Shipping time: 5-7 business days US
We ship to Canada, Australia, Ireland, the UK, and most of Brazil!
International shipping will be more, and shipping time can take up to a few weeks, depending on where you are located.

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