Kunzite & Iolite with Sunstone Necklace

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Kunzite is the stone to have when you’re in need of some unconditional love. An extremely spiritual stone, it will awaken your heart center

Kunzite will also:

- Dispel negativity

- Encourage self-expression

- Impart the ability to be self-contained

- Help remove obstacles from your path

- Aid in recovering memories

- Bring back lost trust and innocence

- Facilitate introspection

- Help alleviate panic attacks

- Stimulate the immune system

- Clear emotional debris


Iolite with sunstone combines the properties of both stones into one.


Iolite with Sunstone will:

-Motivate you to move forward

-Help you actualize your dreams and goals

-Assist you when you're in need of some creativity

-Support detoxification

-Create harmony within

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AVOID getting chain wet


Information from: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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