Heulandite and Stillbite

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Weight: 78g


This is the stone you want is you want to evolve. It will facilitate traversing of inter- and inner- dimensional spaces.

This stone will also:

-Provide courage and willpower to let go

-Help with change of ingrained habits of behaviors

-Assist in releasing jealously and other negative emotions

-Alleviate patronizing attitudes of feeling like you are better than others

-Be beneficial for cellular memory

-Support weight reduction

Pink Heulandite is especially good for the endocrine system.



A highly creative stone, still bite will open your intuition and help you with a loving vibration. 

Stillbite will:

-Ground spiritual energy

-Help manifest thought into action

-Aid in spiritual joy

-Give guidance throughout your journey

-Be helpful in treating brain disorders

-Strengthen ligaments


Information from:

The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall

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