Turquoise Earrings

Size Guide

Length of earrings: 5 inches

Earring hooks are 925 silver-plated copper/ silicone. They are hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Turquoise is an extremely efficient healer that promotes attunement, and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Wearing this stone near your throat chakra helps release old vows, inhibitions, and allows the soul to express itself.

Turquoise will:
-Help dispel negative energy and clear electromagnetic smog
-Balance and align all chakras
-Bring together male and females energies
-Help bring empathy and balance into your life
-Promote self-realization
-Instill inner calm
-Stabilizes mood swings
-Help during exhaustion, depression or panic attacks
-Heals the whole body
-Alleviates cramps and pain

Information from:
The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall

DISCLAIMER: I can not guarantee these will not cause a reaction, everyone is unique. I can say, I have very sensitive ears, and these were the studs that caused me no reactions.
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