Carnelian Necklace

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 This stone is is the one to have with you when you need to be grounded into present reality. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that contains high energy. Carnelian also has the ability to cleanse other stones!

Carnelian will also:

-Restore vitality and motivation

-Stimulate creativity

-Impart acceptance of the cycle of like and help remove fear of death

-Provide courage and promote positive life choices

-Help you overcome abuse of any kind

-Motivate you for success in a business, or other matters

-Improve analytic abilities and clarify perception

-Protect one against envy, rage and resentment

-Activate the base chakra

-Stimulate ones metabolism

-Increase fertility

Red carnelian in particular is a very warming, and energizing stone. It is very useful for helping to get rid of sluggishness. It will also invigorate the mind and body!

AVOID getting chain wet.

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Information from:

The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall

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