Calcite on Danburite

Size Guide

Weight: 71g

Width: 3 inches

Length: 2 1/2 inches

An extremely spiritual stone that carries a pure vibration. Danburite actives the intellect and higher consciousness, which will link you to the angelic realms. 

Danburite will also:

-Smooth your path ahead

-Link you to serenity and eternal wisdom when worn

-Access inner guidance

-Facilitate deep change and help one leave the past behind

-Act as a karmic cleanser

-Help start the soul off in a new direction

-Accompany those dying onto their next journey

-Stimulate the third eye

-Stimulate the crown, and higher crown chakras- opening them up to the 14th level

-Clarify the aura

-Help clear allergies and chronic conditions

-Assist the liver and gallbladder 

-Aid muscular and motor functioning

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