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Why Wear Crystals?

When I first dove back into my love for crystals, I’ll be honest, I did not understand the point in wearing them. On top of that, I am not a huge accessory person. Yet, when I started learning about crystals metaphysical properties my mind started to warm up to the idea. Many of my books recommended wearing crystals for healing, and ones that activate the throat chakra are definitely useful to wear around your neck. So, I gave it a try. I got my first crystal necklace, and I just couldn’t stop buying them after that. You get the same tingly and warm feeling you do from holding them. Then I realized, they’re literally just extensions of my personal collection that are easier to carry around! Each one is cleansed and programmed just like my other crystals and they work with me the entire day. Now, I will not go anywhere without at least one. There is a comfort, at least for me, to wear one and have that protection with me. Plus, they are meant to be in contact with you for healing. This is an amazing way to be in contact with them when you aren’t at home to meditate, or be with them. Others have used their necklaces to hang in their car, use as key chains, or to hang it at work. There is absolutely no wrong answer on where to keep/wear your crystal. Some places will have more benefits for the crystal, example is putting citrine or pyrite in your work space, but it is ultimately up to you how your crystal will work best. Get creative, vibe out and just enjoy having your crystals close because this is how you bond with them, merge energies, and how you create a better relationship with your crystal for increased healing.