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Shattuckite: Relatively rare secondary copper silicate mineral. It forms from the alteration of other secondary minerals, such as, malachite.

A very spiritual stone that heightens vibrations. Shattuckite stimulates the third eye and throat chakras, bringing them into harmony and alignment.

-Brings clear psychic vision and aids in understanding what is seen

-Removes hypnotic commands

-Good for communication

-Can clear past-life curses and commands to secrecy

-Helpful during channeling because it is strongly protective

-Beneficial for all minor health problems- bringing the body into balance

-Aids blood clotting

- Helps you create your own reality

-Clears blockages from intercellular structures

-A stone of truth

Chakra: Throat, heart and third eye

Sign Associations: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra and Taurus

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