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Red Hematite Quartz

Red Hematite Quartz: Hematite can appear gray or red when on/ in quartz.

This stone has soft energy like that of a supportive friend there to help you balance out when need be. Quartz will enchase any stone/ mineral it is combined or included with. In this situation, both are protective and will repel negativity in the highest vibrations.

-Helps you be more grounded and focused

-Can help lift you out the low points in life

-Harmonizes the body, mind and spirit

-Balances energy meridians

-Encourages us to always move forward

-Helps you see the the the good through all the darkness

-Guides us to remember to take care of our basic needs

-Gives you a very practical out look

-Removes self limitations

-Asks us to logically explore our motivations

-Helps us apologize as needed

-Helps the body absorb iron and form more red blood cells

-Supports the body during detox

Chakra: Root

Sign associations: Aries and Aquarius

Information from:

The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall