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Pyrite: Also known as Fools Gold. It is composed for iron sulfide, and it is a dimorph of marcasite.

Pyrite is an amazing energy shield by blocking out negative energy and pollutants at all levels. Wearing pyrite around the neck protects all the subtle and physical bodies by deflecting harm and danger. An extremely positive stone, it helps with many things like:

~Overcoming inertia and feelings of inadequacy

~Stimulating the flow of ideas

~Placed on a desk- it will energize the area around it

~Helping one see things for what they truly are and promoting diplomacy

~Relieving anxiety and frustration, while boosting self-worth and confidence

~Helping women overcome servitude

~Helping men who feel inferior, but not recommended for men “macho” men because it may be too powerful

~Accelerating mental activity

~Improving memory and recall

~Helping overcome despair

~Increasing energy and overcoming fatigue

~Blocking energy leaks

~Increasing oxygen supply to the blood and strengthening the circulatory system

~This stone holds the ideal of perfect health/well-being

~Treating bones and cellular formation

~Repairing DNA damage and is beneficial for the lungs

~Strengthening digestive tract, and benefiting the circulatory and respiratory system

~Useful if you are accident prone

~Helping snoring, radiation sickness and inflammation


Good positions for this stone are: Worn as necklace, placed at throat in a pouch, or under a pillow

WARNING: Pyrite will dull and rust in moisture. Do not cleanse in water or leave outside for moisture to gather on it.

Fun fact: This stone is also known as “fool’s gold” because it has tricked many miners into thinking they struck gold.

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