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Malachite: An AMAZING stone, but let me start with the fact that natural malachite (non-tumbled) can be toxic because it is a copper-based mineral. So for those who like to make elixirs, or lick their crystals- this one is not for that (I don’t recommend licking any crystals just in case and yes that’s a thing). This is a kick ass stone because it is for those who are ready to become their very best and most real version of themselves. It is a very supportive stone for special men in your life, or for those who need help with forgiveness. It holds a combination of heart and solar plexus energies, so it can help you with blockages related to self worth. It is a very powerful stone, but should be used with caution because it can amplify both positive and negative energies.

This stone also:

-Strengthens your ability to stay true to commitments

-Ally for those who struggle with infidelity, honesty, and addictions

-“Calls you out” on your negative patterns

-Clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies

-Helps you live life more intensely, encouraging risk-taking and change

-Breaks unwanted ties and worn out patterns

-Alleviates shyness and supports friendships

-It gets to the core of a problem by enhancing intuition and insight

-Helps alleviate mental disturbances

-*It may make moods more intense but quick to change

-Stimulates dreams and brings memories vividly to your mind

-Heals all types of cramps, and facilities birth

-Resonates with female sexual organs

-Enhances the immune system

*Malachite often occurs with azurite because azurite, over time, alters into malachite.

*This stone is said to still be evolving and could be one of the most important healing stones

Information from:

Crystals: the Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren

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