Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: Also known as Lazurite, it is a silicate of sodium and aluminum- a member of the sodalite group. This is an immensely powerful stone because it causes you to take charge of all you are. It causes us to put down the security blanket around our stories, histories and authenticity. Pushing you to transcend and remind you the past doesn’t really exist. Leading you to take responsibility for all your life choices. This stone is categorized as a feel better stone!

This stone will also:

-Open the third eye

-Quickly release stress

-Amplify your thoughts

-Bond relationships

-Help you overcome depression

-Benefit the respiratory and nervous system

-Teach value of active listening

-Alleviate insomnia and vertigo

-Lower blood pressure

-Alleviate pain

-Promote natural gifts

-Help insomnia, hearing loss and skeletal pain

-Help prevent illness


Information from:

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