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Kyanite is formed from regional metamorphism. It is associated with quartz, biotites and almandine in schist and gneiss. Can be found inter grown with staurolite. An energy antenna: flowing negative energy out and away, while filtering positive energy back into your space. As an energy filter, it is good to use to clean the air after arguments or emotional conversations. This stone can cleanse and open your throat chakra. Hold a piece to your throat to help adrenal rebalance.

It can also:

-Have a tranquilizing effect, and can amplify high frequency energies

-Help balance yin-yang energy

-Facilitate dream recall and promotes healing dreams

-Instantly align chakras and subtle bodies

-Help muscular disorders

-Aid in releasing extra weight, support the cerebellum and motor responses in the body

-Assist with perseverance, reason, mental stamina and communication


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