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Kunzite: A variety of spodumene. This is an extremely spiritual and high vibration stone it will awaken the heart center and unconditional love.

This stone is one of my favorites because it will:

-Radiate peace and connects you to universal love

-Enhance creativity

-Encourage humility

-Dispel negative energy

-Shield the aura from unwanted energies

-Strengthen the energy field around the body

-Encourage self-expression

-Remove obstacles from your path

-Help you adjust to life pressures

-Aid in recovering memories

-Be helpful in reducing stress-related anxiety

-Facilitate introspection

-Help combine intellect, intuition, and inspiration

-Clear emotional debris and resistance

-Help lift your mood

-Activate the heart chakra and aligns it with the throat and third eye

-Black geopathic stress

-Strengthen the circulatory system and the heart muscle

-Calm epilepsy and soothes joint pains

-Stimulate the immune system

-Help the physical body to recover from the effects of emotional stress

-Is good for love, expression and flow

-Help smoking cessation

-Bring youthful appearance

-Good for female sexuality

-Remove energy blocks

- Help desire, immaturity and compulsive behaviors


Information from:

The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall