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Jasper: A mineral family of densely-packed quartz micro-crystals and an opaque variety of the mineral Chalcedony. A supreme nurturer: this stone will support you during times of stress while bringing tranquility. This stone will unify all aspects of your life.

Jasper will:

~Align your chakras

~Facilitate dream recall

~Absorb negative energy

~Clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution

~Imparts determination

~Encourage honesty with yourself

~Aid quick thinking

~Promotes organization

~Support during prolonged illness

~Support circulatory, digestive, and sexual organs

~Balance mineral content of the body

~Helps gain strength in both your physical body and emotions

~Great crystals for earthing

~Help with dowsing and diagnosis

~Help prevent illness and help cramps

~Balance yin/yang and the aura

~Help loneliness


This stone is a no-nonsense stone with very uncomplicated energy.


For a surge of grounding: hold a jasper crystal while your sit outside with your bare feet touching the ground

Information from: The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall