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How Do I Choose the Right Crystal?

Honestly, only you can decide that, but I can give you some tips:

-Reading descriptions and information on what crystals do in terms of healing and seeing which one best suits the changes/help you are seeking.

-Beauty- It is okay to pick them based on just how they look. There could be a reason you find certain stones more beautiful than others.

-Gut feeling- if you just have a weird feeling, or maybe a tingle sensation in your hand when you hold the crystal that could give you an indication this the stone for you.

-Aversion- This isn’t just simply not liking a stone, this is having maybe a queasy or uncomfortable feeling when seeing/holding a crystal. That could be an indication that you need it in your life to help with an aspect of your life.

I definitely recommend checking out more information on these topics because there is a vast amount of it! But I hope this gives you some insight and help if you are just getting to know crystals.