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How Do Crystals Work?

I want to make clear, crystals are very powerful, but they are not magic in the sense of making all your problems just disappear. All us living things are composed of energy and we radiate that energy through vibrations. The vibrations we emit are based on our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states. Crystals work when we are putting positive effort into ourself and others. When we are positively in sync with ourselves, we are more in sync with our crystals. We don’t have to have it all together but the key is to set intentions for yourself based on unconditional love and make decisions on a higher (more positive) vibration. When we are  tapped into our crystal, then, we may ask them for healing and guidance. They will not make things instantly disappear, but they speed up natural processes. An example would be speeding up cold symptoms so you can recover faster. This is also the case for mental, emotional and spiritual development- crystals will help expedite opening your mind to growth, or realizing toxic patterns.

If you are skeptical of the metaphysical aspects of crystals, I can tell you from a psychological aspect that it at least promotes training the mind to carry out positive habits that result in better quality of life.