Do you do custom orders?

Currently, I am not able to provide custom orders. I am aiming to eventually get to a point where I can accommodate special orders, and when the time comes I will give everyone a heads up on when that date will be.

How do I care for my necklace?

Under the description of the piece, I will include information on whether or not the crystal itself can get wet (It varies by type of crystal). Yet, I do not recommend to get any of the chains wet- especially any of the gold chains. Not getting them wet will also help preserve the wires.

Where do you get your crystals from?

Crystals are purchased from sellers I have grown to have great relationships with while growing my crystal collection. Every stone is hand picked and based off of the inventory the sellers currently have. This could result in only getting a few of each stone so please be patient if there's a limited amount of a stone you want. Also feel free to contact me and share the stones that are really calling out to you. Each stone will be cleansed with sage and palo santo before coming home to you.

How long do you take to ship orders?

Due to being a one woman show, orders will be out within 3-5 business days. I'm working very hard to get orders packed ASAP while still creating beautiful necklaces with the best vibrations. Detailed information on shipping can be found under the Shipping Policy.